Benefits of Handmade Soap

Posted by Josie Marinic on

Below are some of the main benefits of a hamade soap: 
  • Natural Ingredients- you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.
  • Contains Glycerin- it naturally occurs during the saponification process of making handmade soap which makes it naturally hydrating. Mass-produced chemical-based soap removes glycerin during the production process and sell it off to other manufacturers to be put into skin lotions.
  • Cruelty Free- handmade soap is often crafted in small kitchens or small shops, ingredients are most often sourced and disposed of responsibly and not tested on animals.
  • Variety- you will never get bored with handmade soap options. There are no limitations to the recipes that can be created!
  • You Support Local Business- we put a lot of research and work into the final recipe. When you buy soap from a local maker, you are supporting a local business.
  • It is made with Love and Passion!


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