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Oil Benefits

Posted by Josie Marinic on

Below you will find what are the benefits of oils that we use in our soaps and other products like body butter, etc.

Olive Oil
It’s rich in vitamins
It has antioxidant properties
It moisturizes and fights bacteria

Sunflower Oil
It helps moisturize your skin
It's high in vitamin E
It's rich in beta-carotene
It can reduce signs of aging
It is beneficial for particularly dry skin
It helps soothe and heal your skin

Sweet Almond
It can improve complexion and skin tone
It’s highly emollient, which means it helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss
It has been used for centuries to soothe the skin and treat minor wounds and cuts
It is antibacterial and full of vitamin A, almond oil can be used to treat acne
Its concentration of vitamin E can also help to heal sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, and fade scars
It also has powerful antifungal properties

Castor Oil
It is a natural moisturizer
promotes wound healing
Ricinoleic acid, the main fatty acid found in castor oil, has impressive anti-inflammatory properties
Reduces acne

Coconut Oil
May help treat acne
It moisturizes dry skin
It soothes irritated skin
It calms temporary redness
It smooths skin
It helps to protect skin

And our all time favourite:

Shea Butter
It moisturizes dry skin
treats acne and blemishes
reduces skin inflammation
Provides relief to itchy and peeling skin
Restores the elasticity of the skin
Reduces stretch marks

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  • All of them sound good and beneficial.

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