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Who buys handmade soap?

Posted by Josie Marinic on

People who care about their skin 

Our handmade soap is 100% natural so it contains no chemicals

Often these chemicals are surfactants, added to perform the same job as a soap. However, because they are not derived naturally from oils, fats and butters they don’t contain any glycerin, which is a key moisturising ingredient and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. 

People who care about their skin want soft moisturised skin, which is why our customers give us great reviews and know, from using our 100% natural soap with glycerin in, they are making a great choice for their skin. 

Note: We are not medical or healthcare professionals and do not claim that the use of our products may have positive effect on pre-existing physical and/or mental health conditions.


People looking to reduce their carbon footprint 

Climate change is real and people are starting to realise they have the power to affect real change. By purchasing products that are environmentally friendly they can change the way manufacturers produce their products. 
By making the switch to handmade soap, you are vastly reducing the amount of plastic you are buying. Some handmade soaps come in plastic wrap and while this is not very eco friendly it’s still a lot less plastic than a bottle of shower gel. 
We’ve decided to go one step further. Our packaging is completely recyclable and compostable, which our customers love. 
We have also started stocking environmentally friendly bathroom products such as our sisal soap pouch which is completely biodegradable.  
We think that by not only reducing plastic packaging, but also plastic items around the bathroom we are playing our part in the fight against climate change.

People with eczema & other dry skin conditions 

We have always touted the ability of 100% natural handmade soap to combat dry skin conditions. When you use soap that has a high glycerin content like ours, the glycerin naturally draws moisture to your skin.
Gentle soap, like most handmade soaps, doesn’t cause damage to your skin. When your skin is damaged by chemical surfactants it creates gaps in the layers of skin which can allow water to escape from it freely. 
This is why dry skin occurs and can exacerbate dry skin conditions such as eczema.  
By using a natural soap with no harsh chemical surfactants, plus the added glycerin which draws moisture towards your skin, we can guarantee your skin will feel softer, smoother and more moisturised than if you were using a soap with chemicals in. 


 People with acne & oily skin 

That’s right, handmade natural soap is great for acne prone or oily skin. 
Acne is mainly caused by overproduction of oil in the skins glands for a number of reasons. 
Acne is caused when an infection develops caused by a certain bacteria that lives on our skin. This bacteria feeds on the excess oil produced by our skin. 
The reason we say handmade natural soap is great for acne and oily skin is because natural soaps don’t wash away all of the oil within your skin cells and leave a moisturising layer of glycerin on your skin; therefore you won’t be tricking your skin into overproducing more oil to replace the stuff you’ve lost. 
That is what happens when you use harsh chemical soaps; they wash away all of the oil from within your skin cells and this can trick the body into producing a large amount of oil and you will get oily skin and acne if your skin is prone to it. 
Handmade Natural Soap

 Tourist and Gifting

We sell our handmade soaps and other products on markets which receive an influx of tourists during the summer months.
Using a handmade soap when you’re on holiday or buying one as a souvenir of a special place you have stayed in is common and also a great affordable memento.
We also receive a lot of orders from somebody sending a gift to somebody else. We know this because when we receive orders there is a delivery address and billing address displayed on our screens. From this we can work out if somebody is sending a gift. 
Handmade soap is a lovely gift, especially as by sending or giving this to someone you love you are actively improving their skin and showing them you care. 


So now you know the people who buy handmade soap. They are a great bunch and have usually come to handmade natural soap because traditional skincare is failing them.  
Our hope is that in the future all skincare will be completely derived from natural products and packaged sustainably. 
We also hope handmade soap can be more widely publicised to those with dry or oily skin to help them on their journey towards soft moisturised skin. 
Finally we encourage you to support small independent shops selling handmade soaps as these purchases will help the shop and the handmade producer who puts a lot of effort into creating a great handcrafted product. 
We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on handmade soap and if you’d like to read some more then you can find plenty of helpful, informative articles on our blog
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