Welcome to The Flower Shower Soap Co.

Hi, we are Josie and Cain. Our passion for health and nature is what inspired us to start our own small business. We started last year with only soap and candles but now we have more skin care products and we plan on making more. We use only the best ingredients, best essential oils for our skin care collection and best fragrance oils in our candles.  

The soap is made in small batches with lots of love and attention to ensure the highest level of quality. We use the traditional cold process method. This allows the ingredients to stay at a low temperature to guarantee they keep their therapeutic properties. Our handcrafted soap is slowly cured for 4-6 weeks with each bar being unique in nature and varying slightly in size, shape, and weight. 

With carefully formulated recipe our natural soy wax candles and wax melts give the best aroma. The candles come in lovely black matte containers that can be re-used after you are finished with your candle. 

We are also environmentally focused so we always make sure that all of our product containers and packaging is recyclable, compostable or re-usable!   

We do not use palm oil in our products and we are strictly against it. All of our products are natural, chemical free and vegan friendly. 

If you have a favorite scent you’d like to see featured or if you have allergies to a certain ingredient, please email us at info@flowershower.ie for a custom order.

We also do party favours. All orders need to be placed minimum 2 months before the event. If you would like to make an order please do so on the e-mail provided above. 


Josie & Cain