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Soy Wax Melts

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Enjoy fresh and fun fragrances that these natural soy wax melts will give.

They come in 3 sizes, Small (pack of 5), Medium (pack of 1) and Large (pack of 1).

These Wax Melts are Chemical Free and Vegan.

How To Use:

Break off one or two chunks of your wax melt (depends how strong you like your fragrance) and place in either a tealight or electric wax burner. If using a tealight wax burner, place an unscented tealight candle inside and light. If using a tealight burner please only use up to 4 hour tealights as any longer will cause the burner to become dangerously hot and can shatter. Please read your burner's enclosed safety information and follow the instructions for safe use. Remember to keep burners away from children and pets and do not move the burner whilst lit. 

How To Change Your Wax:

Unlike a candle, the wax in a wax melt doesn’t disappear as you use it. Instead, eventually, the wax will lose its scent. When this happens, you will want to remove the wax from the burner to change it over to a fresh new wax melt. There are a few ways to remove an old wax melt from your burner. One popular way is to heat the cooled wax for around a minute and then it should simply slide straight out. Others like to completely melt the wax and then pop in a couple of cotton pads to soak the wax straight up for removal.

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