Unscented Body Butter

Unscented Body Butter

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If you have dry or sensitive skin or even dry patches then this light and fluffy butter is just what you need. Avocado butter is creamy and it will leave your skin smooth and moisturized while argan oil is packed with vitamins E and A. Your skin will be grateful! 

Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Argan Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oil. 

This product is Chemical Free and Vegan

How to use:

Once you've enjoyed your daily shower or bath, pat your body dry with a towel. As a top tip, leave a little moisturize on your skin and do not rub or dry your skin completely. Pay special attention to the dry spots on your body. Gently massage the product into your dry patches and allow for it to absorb into skin throughout the day. Don't be afraid to re-apply multiple times a day, especially if you're really suffering from excessive dryness.

Weight: 160g